General Information
Information - September 2018


It is crucial that you let a member of staff know if there are any changes to the regular routine e.g. going to play with a friend, relative picking up.

Spare Clothes 

If your child has borrowed spare clothes from the school, could you please return them as soon as possible. We would also be grateful to receive any spare clothes you may have at home that would be suitable for the reception class children.

Dinner Money

£2.50 a day and for the week will be £12.50. We would like to encourage parents to pay on a Monday to be in credit rather than in arrears.

Physical Education lessons

Each child will need suitable footwear and clothing and a water bottle.

Reception and Year 1 – Wednesday

Year 2 – Thursday

Yrs 3 & 4 - Tuesday

Yrs 5 & 6 – Wednesday

Fruit Shop

To encourage and develop numeracy skills and independence, year 5 and 6 pupils will run the fruit shop at morning break time. Each piece of fruit will cost 30p a day or £1.50 a week. Pupils from years 1-6 will need to bring money to spend in the fruit shop. Reception class children will need to give their money to Miss Eleri.

School Uniform

The school governors and the PTA strongly encourage parents to dress their children in red or yellow polo shirts showing the school logo. Parents may wish to wait and see in which school team their child will be placed before ordering. The governors are also encouraging parents to dress their children in jumpers, fleeces or hoodies of any colour showing the school logo. Children representing the school are expected to wear their polo shirts or t-shirts depending on the activity.  The clothes can be purchased by contacting Alison Jones Schoolwear, or from Ffigar sports shop in Aberystwyth.


Please DO NOT bring peanuts or any products containing   peanuts onto school  site or into the school building.


Instrumental Lessons

Monday – Drums and Brass

Wednesday – Flute

Thursday - Violin


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