Ysgol Tal-y-bont
Messy Play Day

There was shaving foam, flour, playdough and all kinds of activities to be had in the Foundation Phase as the children enjoyed learning through play on a messy play day.


Congratulation to everyone who took part in the Cogurdd competition.  The children's preparing and cooking skills were brilliant as they made a greek salad.  Catrin will represent the school in the next round and will be making a crepe and minestrone soup, good luck Catrin.


Christmas Lunch and Ray Ceredigion

There is a proud tradition of serving food of the highest quality at  Ysgol Tal - y-Bont and this year's Christmas dinner was delicious . Many thanks to Mrs. Jones , Mrs. James , Natalie and Lisa for their preparatiosn, not only for Christmas but throughout the year .

After lunch we welcomed Ray Ceredigion again to hold a session of recycling old materials to create entirely new objects . It was really nice to see the children of all ages  helping each other including clearing the hall at the end of the afternoon !



Over the last few months Ysgol Gymunedol Tal-y-bont has been holding a number of activities locally for families in the area.  A substantial grant of £4000 was received from Ceredigion ‘Families First’ to start the activities at the end of 2014 and an additional grant of £400 in October 2015.

As a school we began to see a pattern of more and more children reaching school without many of the essential social skills, especially in terms of speaking and listening.

We had arranged a number of events in the school, often in co-operation with the Cylch Meithrin in an attempt to promote these elements but few of the target parents would attend the ‘Language and Play’ events or the Christmas crafts family activities.

A questionnaire was sent to the school’s parents asking their opinion on the idea of holding local activities, the children’s views were taken into consideration before the events were planned.

It was decided to apply for funding to organise events after school for families, as we also realised that opportunities would be limited for a number of these children to develop their social skills beyond the village e.g. not having swimming lessons / dance, not playing football / joining drama workshops.

When starting to plan we had between 5 and 10 families we hoped would attend these events but we emphasised that everyone was welcome including older siblings who attended secondary school.  It was a condition that the children would attend with their parents or an adult family member.

The project has been very popular and it is difficult to be clear how many families have attended because the events are so different . We estimate that we have managed to attract more than 20 families who have supported at least one event and that more than 50 people at the most popular activities with an average of about 25. Until very recently, we did not charge for the activities which had included refreshments , transportation and free tickets to the Arts Centre cinema and transportation and entry to the swimming pool .

It has been encouraging to note that our most recent activities have included children from six local school - Ysgol Tal -y -bont , Ysgol Llangynfelyn, Ysgol Craig yr Wylfa , Ysgol Rhydypennau, Ysgol Penweddig and Ysgol Penglais. This proves that the activities have a very wide appeal and that children and adults enjoy attending .

We decided to hold some events in school and some in the Memorial Hall . We wanted to do this because it confirms the school’s place as a lively and integral part of the society . Usually the events organised at the Memorial Hall have been more popular and we believe that this is due to less contact with ' school activity ' .

The project has worked very well in organising various activities and events that have appealed to the children and their parents . The presence of school staff members in all the activities managed to strengthen the connection with many families . The appointment of a person to co-ordinate the events has been critical in ensuring that the target families have enough information about the activities and were reminded to attend regularly . We have also worked with Borth Family Centre for administration .

Including light refreshments for the activities have added greatly to the welfare component we had planned for.. It has been encouraging that many parents have agreed to take responsibility in some of these events e.g making tea / washing dishes / clearing tables; these would often be parents who have not been part of the School’s PTA.

It has been encouraging to hear the children talk about the activities back at school after the events and encouraging their friends to come to the next activity is also proof of the success .

As a school , we believe that what has happened so far has been an important resource for the village and is increasingly important to a wider area around the village . We also believe that it is important to note that we have managed to organise social opportunities for families in the village who do not traditionally attend local events

Christmas Concert

This year's Christmas concert was held at Bethel Chapel . It was lovely to see the building full with many local residents and former pupils supporingt the school again . We thank the the Rev. Richard Lewis and church officials for letting us use the building and to Mr Ieuan Morgan , Mrs Myfanwy James and the Hall Committee for allowing us to hold the party after the service.

This year an unique presentation of the Nativity was the theme with the children pulling crackers which contained various symbols which led us to the manger and to the birth of Jesus Christ . It was clear that the audience and the children enjoyed the evening and everything was beautifully woven together  successfully .

I would like to thank Miss Morris for co-ordinating the performance , all the staff for their work in preparing the children and parents who helped with learning the words , songs and costumes . Several of the audience noted that the performance was ambitious and we were all delighted to receive compliments on the night and on social websites . All credit to the children for learing their parts ac for their  memorable performances .

I would like to thank  members of the PTA for taking the time to prepare for the evening and for working so hard to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves . Many thanks to all who contributed to the raffle and congratulations to everyone who won a prize .

We believe that holding this evening reinforces the school's efforts to be inclusive and ensure that we are an important part of the local community as well as having the opportunity to contribute to the wider community .


Grand Raffle winners

205 Ynyr Siencyn               85 Beryl Davies                   190 Leah Rees                    497 Dave Williams

218 Betsan Siencyn         169 Lliwen Glwys                491 Jenny Dingle                 156 Owain Bonsall

711 Liz Roberts                 517 Libby Foulkes               442 Sonia Hughes               769 Jenny Davies

587 Laura Jenkins           553 Iori Jones                       14 Jenny Davies                   703 Dexter Farr

221 Glesni Roberts

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